SAS 2014


SAS provides a forum for sensor users and developers to meet and exchange information about novel sensors and emergent sensor applications. The main purpose of SAS is to collaborate and network with scientists, engineers, researchers, developers, and end-users through formal technical presentations, workshops, and informal interactions.

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Application Development Workshop
* Compete in a novel application development race!
* Powered by Seattle testbed:

* Awards for best applications
* Contact if interested

* Biological, Chemical, Optical, Magnetic Sensors
* Smart and Virtual Sensors and Standards
* MEMS and Nano-sensors

Sensor Applications
* Homeland Security
* Agriculture, Environment and Health Monitoring
* Sensor Arrays and Multi-sensor Data Fusion
* Sensor Networks (Wireless, Optical, and Ethernet)
* Non-destructive Evaluation and Remote Sensing
* Integrated System Health Management (ISHM)
* Robotics and Automation
* Commercial Development
* Education

Application Development Workshop will be an entrepreneurial experience to see the full commercial potential of sensor applications in our society. Our
special sessions stimulate in-depth discussions in niche areas. We are looking forward to applications for the workshop and the special sessions. Papers presented at SAS 2014 will be eligible for consideration for publication in a Special Issue of the IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation & Measurement.

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